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Korean Italy Towel

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Korean Italy Towels are authentic loofa- like towels used by Korean “Scrub Mistresses” in exfoliation spas to remove layers and layers of dead skin cells from the body in a process called “Seshin” – which literally means soaking in very hot water and then sloughing the skin all over the body with a Korean Italy Towel.


 The Benefits of Exfoliating with a Korean Italy Towel

  1. Korean Italy towels have abrasiveness like sand paper, they more effectively move dead skin than any loofa, loofa mitt or exfoliating towel you’ll purchase anywhere else.
  2. You’ll slough off old, dead skin cells, revealing healthy new ones that really absorb product.
  3. Exfoliating with the KIT will empty pores of dirt, pollution, toxins, and years of abuse, tightening your skin to the texture of a China doll’s cheek
  4. Korean Italy Towels are produced with few chemicals and are very inexpensive.
  5. After exfoliating with a KIT, you’ll have a whole new glow you’ve never possessed before.
  6. With regular use of the KIT, you’ll notice fewer hairs on the face and no ingrown hairs or keratosis pilaris if you suffer with this condition
  7. The KIT helps remove all traces of oil and bacteria, helping you rid your skin of acne
  8. KIT will make your skin more accepting of all other treatments, and will make your makeup look more evenly applied as well. 

How to Have a Korean Spa Exfoliation Experience at Home

To exfoliate your body like a pro, here are the steps you take.

  1. Soak in very hot water laden with salts and exfoliation promoting compounds like Epsom and dead sea salts, like Bashail, for 15 minutes, with the water as hot as you can get it. It’s important to note that at this stage, you do not use any oil in the soak. You do not want to fill the dead skin cells with moisture – only the new skin cells that surface.
  1. Take a dry Korean Italy Towel and begin sloughing skin. The harder the better. It might hurt a little bit but you won’t believe the pink, baby skin lies underneath this dead layer of the epidermis that needs to come off.
  1. Now, get back in the bath but add the moisturizing Bashail High Performance Oil to super-hydrate your fresh new skin cells, plumping them up with hydrants, nourishing minerals and compounds that encourage collagen synthesis and protect your skin from environmental contaminants.

Korean Italy towels are highly addictive because you have never quite experienced the skin they will give you. Try a Bashail soak with a Korean Italy towel and rediscover the glow you had as a little girl!


60% Nylon

40% Polyester


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