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The Wonders of Salts for Detoxification, Inflammation, Collagen, Weight Loss, and Youthful Skin

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Bathing in the Bashail is like have an in-house spa treatment

Author Isak Dinesen, famous thinker and author of Out of Africa and Babette’s Feast, once said, “The cure for anything is salt water.”

Salt bathing has been used for millennia to help people recover from illness, reduce inflammation, heal swelling, ease stress, and to soothe body and mind.

Today, doctors are rediscovering the power of mineral-packed salt soaks for helping you tap into new levels of health and wellness and to even reverse inflammation, the primary cause of all deadly diseases from diabetes to cancer.

In fact, salt baths can help you exfoliate the skin, trap moisture into the moisture layer of your skin for baby soft, hydrated-looking skin, to absorb minerals, and to detoxify the body, leading to improved health in every way possible.

Salt is the new revolution in healthcare, beauty, and self-care of all kinds and brings numerous benefits for health and well-being.

In fact, salt baths are so wonderful for helping us to dump toxins out of the body that the whole system runs more efficiently.

Today, let’s talk about three crucial salts you want to get into your skin and health regimen for ultimate health and beauty:  

  • Himalayan Salts
  • Epsom salt
  • Dead Sea Salts 

Who Loves You Salts

A Brief History of Salt Baths

Salt water therapy has been used for centuries in Asian countries, where women are revered for their beautiful skin and ability to maintain a slim, svelte figure even into the menopause years, that swell most American women up like ticks.  

Hippocrates (460-370 BC) was one of the first ancients to discover the therapeutic qualities of salt baths when he noticed that soaking in salt water helped heal and restore the battered hands of fishermen.

Ancient Greeks and Romans of all kinds revered salt baths to cure skin diseases and the revered 16th century doctor Paracelsus claimed that salt baths were superior to any other “health spa in nature.”

There are three popular salts for bathing and each has its own special benefits. Let’s look at what they are.  

Pink Bath

Himalayan Sea Salt Baths

Himalayan sea salt is highly revered for both bathing and cooking with as well. Why? It’s packed with over 80 minerals that are hard to find in such a rich quantity anywhere in the modern world, given our toxic soil, water, and air quality today.

Himalayan salt is packed with minerals like magnesium and potassium that are better absorbed through the skin than the gastrointestinal tract. Other minerals in abundance in Himalayan salt are copper, manganese, iron, calcium, folate, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.

Himalayan salt also helps us to purify toxins from the body that we absorb everywhere through pollutants, fragrances, and toxins in personal care products. In a process called reverse osmosis, Himalayan salt helps us to pull these toxins out of our fat tissue and move them into the bloodstream, where they can be flushed as waster.

The mineral content also helps you to trap moisture in the skin barrier layer, for more hydrated, plump and youthful-looking skin.[i]

Women Bathing
Dead Sea Salt: Anti-Aging and Deep Cleansing  

For centuries, people have traveled to the Dead Sea to bask in its healing salt waters, which are highly revered for bringing numerous health benefits.

Dead sea salt is prized for its ability to release any and all kind of dirt and goop from pores, leaving you with tight, youthful skin and clearing rashes and acne all over the body.

One surprising benefit of dead sea salt for skin is its anti-aging benefits! Research shows that the minerals in dead sea salt contribute to a 40% reduction in the wrinkle folds. That’s reason enough to literally dump this in the bath, ladies—just think of the benefits for our puckered elbows![ii] 

If you suffer with psoriasis listen up! In a study of 50 patients suffering with psoriasis, bathing in dead sea salts three times a week proved to heal over 54% of the patients completely with marked improvement for the other 24%.[iii] 

Dead sea salts are also powerful allies in the fight against acne and eczema as well.

Dead sea salt soaks are also reputed to help to stimulate and cleanse the scalp and promote more hair growth.

Soaking in a salt bath

Epsom Salt: The Wonder Salt for Slimming and Detoxification 

Doctors have been advising Epsom salt soaks for torn muscles, swelling, bruising, aches and pains for centuries.

Dr. Oz recently featured a plastic surgeon, Dr. Sharon Giese who called Epsom salt baths the weight loss surgery solution without going under the knife because soaking in Epsom salts can reduce water weight, bloating, and melt inches of belly fat and thigh fat off the body in a mere 20 minutes.

Epsom salt baths are a wonderful detoxifier of heavy metals and other toxins like BPAs we absorb in our environment. The magnesium and sulfates in Epsom salts help pull toxins from the body in a process called reverse osmosis.[iv]

Epsom salts are also great for relieving inflammation throughout the body and have proven to lower blood sugar levels and help prevent diabetes. That’s because magnesium and sulfate help improve the body’s ability to manage insulin.[v]

When you soak in Epsom salts, go ahead and let your hair soak too. Epsom salts help remove sebum and trapped oils in the scalp and naturally volumize the hair, too! 



For more beautiful skin, a healthier body packed full of vitamins and minerals to ward off disease and aging, voluminous hair, and for detoxifying the body and easing inflammation throughout, you cannot beat a sea salt bath combining these prized sea salts.

Try Bashail, which combines all three of these salts with a hydrating oil soak elixir, to literally envelop your skin in a shield of lustrous, nutritive moisture and healthy mineral compounds. Warning, after the Bashail, you will be glowing.



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