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The Benefits of Bashail - A Powerful Aid for Sports Recovery

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Many of us can understand what it’s like to deal with the discomfort and pain of sore, tender muscles and joints, especially those who often dabble in physical activities and rigorous sports as part of their daily routines. It can be tough trying to discover methods that can really work towards one’s sports recovery and easing of that intense pain in the body; this is why finding the right ingredients that promote our muscles’ full recuperation is vital towards finally finding our answer.

Bashail, Original

Bashail, for those of you that do now know, is a natural skin revitalising bath elixir. It was created with the goal to make self-love and self-care a priority for women and men of all ages. Derived from natural plant and eseential oils, the powerful ingredients included are perfect for easing and soothing sore muscles, making this luxury oil bath blend a miracle worker for sports recovery.

Running can cause strain on your muscles, make sure to look after them.

So, what makes the main ingredients within this cocktail of hydrating oils and super salts so powerful towards sports recovery? Magnesium. 

Magnesum, is the common denominator found in all salts used to create the Bashail. Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily. Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism and bone and cell formation.[1] Additionally, magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, not by an oral supplement. Therefore, by bathing in the Bashail, the magnesium absorption through your skin helps helps muscles to contract and relax, as well as detoxify your body by drawing out toxins from the skin thanks to reverse osmosis.

Bashail’s Super Salts - Epsom, Himalayan, and Dead Sea Salt

Bashail contains three types of salt


One key component within Bashail is Epsom salt, a miracle worker for those looking to find a solution to muscle tenderness. The benefits of adding epsom salt to a bath is well-known in today’s society, as its main component, Magnesium, helps relieve the body’s stress after a hard day of physical activity. Magnesium is a mineral that, when absorbed through your skin in a bath, can relax tight joints and muscles, helping to reduce intense muscle stiffness throughout your body. Because Epsom salt contains a high amount of this beneficial mineral, soaking in it can also aid in muscle regulation and the overall function of the body’s nerves.

Another fantastic salt included is Himalayan salt. Natural, powerful, and pure, Himalayan salt contains a numerous amount of minerals that helps our bodies stay healthy and strong. Full of minerals, Himalayan salt contains calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, zinc, and many other trace minerals that are beneficial for your skin and your overall health. Pottassium for instance, it is an electrolyte that counteracts the effects of sodium, helping your body to maintain consistent blood pressure.

Similar to the effects of Epsom salt, soaking in a Himalayan salt bath can relax stiff, sore muscles, due to its high amount of Magnesium. In fact, the many powerful minerals found within Himalayan salt can aid in healing damaged tissue within the body, strengthening our bones and joints during the absorption process.

Dissolving Himalayan salt in your bath water helps it become a solution that provides the body with major detoxing properties, reducing the amount of harmful toxins within; the minerals included aid in regulating overall blood circulation, leading to a healthy growth of lost or damaged tissue.

Perhaps one of the most powerful main ingredients within Bashail is Dead Sea Salt, an immensely beneficial mineral that can heal and recover muscles after vigorous sports activities. According to a 1990 study for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, patients experienced a “statistically significant improvement” regarding their joint and bone pain after regularly soaking in baths with Dead Sea salt mixed in. It’s also mentioned that “maximal therapeutic effect was obtained” at the end of the study, leading to further proof of how powerful and beneficial the effects of Dead Sea salt really are towards the recuperation of the body.

The major components within this salt contain magnesium, potassium, and calcium, resulting in a body-nourishing concoction that will aid in providing muscles with intense hydration, healthy blood circulation, and tissue cell restoration. Because these ingredients hold powerful anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, continuously mixing them within your bath can improve muscle and joint stiffness, cramping, and sports related pain over time.

Bashail Wonder Oils

Saturating your body in a bath full of beneficial essential oils is a relaxing, therapeutic method of self-care and overall skin health. What makes Bashail special is its major addition of hydrating oils, those that are perfect for the nourishment and general moisturization of the body.

Hydrating Oils 

An important component that aids in the effective results of Bashail is the inclusion of skin nourishing, hydrating essential oils. With powerful ingredients like jojoba oil and coconut oil, the skin and body can experience strong moisturizing effects, as they help promote collagen synthesis and elastic production. Collagen is extremely important when it comes to the health of our skin, and we see a continual decrease of its natural abundance in our bodies as we age; allowing our skin to absorb these collagen contents can give skin that youthful bounce and moisture it may have lost throughout the years. 

Vitamin C and E

Bashail also includes two immensely important vitamins that, when absorbed into the skin, can aid in its overall health.Vitamin C holds many antioxidant properties that can improve the look and feel of skin, providing benefits such as added hydration and prevention from harmful environmental factors (i.e. UV rays). Its additional effects include powerful anti-aging properties and can also even out skin tone, so bathing within a solution containing Vitamin C is highly beneficial for your body.

Vitamin E is another beneficial component found in Bashail’s ingredients, and when combined with other great antioxidants, its effects become even more rewarding for your body. Similar to Vitamin C, this vitamin holds intense anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, allowing the skin to look and feel beyond comfortable and healthy.

Bathing in a Bashail has numerous benefits

So many of us enjoy everything about sports activities, and we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our bodies during daily participation. This is why maintaining a consistent self-care routine is so important towards the overall health of our bodies, and bathing in a super salt cocktail each night can be an effortless, relaxing way of doing so. With its major inclusion of super salts within its ingredients, Bashail can result in the easing of sore, damaged muscles when mixed with warm water in the tub. So, if you’re desperately on the hunt for a powerful, super-salt infused bath time treat, this elixir can certainly provide your body with the results it needs.

Bashail is great to soothe tight muscles


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[1] Do You Need More Magnesium? 10 Signs to Watch For

Dead Sea Bath Salts for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis -


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