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#Selfcaresunday - Curing Your Hangover with some TLC

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For those of us who have ever experienced a hangover after a fun night out drinking, we know how bad the muscle aches, pounding headache, and overall ill feeling can truly be. We tell ourselves that we’ll never drink again due to the consequences our hangover delivers, but then we give into temptation and are out and about the next weekend, sipping on a Margarita and dancing the night away!

So, why do we get hangovers, and what exactly causes them to feel ever so delightful? A big reason as to what causes hangovers is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it actually causes further dehydration by purging a lot of the fluids already present in your body. In simpler terms, it makes you pee a lot, which leads to that intense dehydration! This major lack of water makes your body work extra hard to restore those hydration levels, resulting in those nauseating, stomach churning symptoms we tend to feel.

There’s no shame in having a little fun and drinking every now and then, and we shouldn’t feel hesitant to do so every time we experience a super awful hangover the next day. This is why finding a remedy is so important; we need to care for ourselves properly and help our mind and body move into a more comfortable, less irritable state. There are many methods we can use to combat those treacherous hangover symptoms on an early Sunday morning while still giving ourselves some much needed love and care.

We can either find individual ways of doing this or simply combine each method into one by finding just the right methods and products.

Get Some Sleep

The first thing to remember when dealing with a hangover is that extra rest can be vital in regards to our mind and body’s recuperation! Sleeping in a few extra hours the night after drinking can help you avoid a major feeling of restlessness later on in the day. Sleep deprivation can worsen a hangover, so it’s best you try hard to get some much needed snooze time before starting your day. Don’t be afraid to sleep it off, as it may really help you in the long run!

Drink Up

Because alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates you, it’s important to remember to fill your body back up with those fluids it’s lacking. A lot of the main symptoms that come with hangovers are greatly due to the dehydration aspect alone, so drinking a good amount of water throughout the day can help relieve that tension you’re feeling. It’s also essential that you don’t overdo it and drink too much all at once, as that could possibly lead to your stomach feeling even worse than before. If you’re having trouble handling the increased water intake, munch on some healthy foods that are rich in fluids, such as watermelon and celery.

Chill Out

When we experience a hangover, there’s a good chance that some of us may start to panic and get anxious. Staying calm throughout those intense symptoms isn’t such an easy task. One of the most important aspects that come with hangover remedies is rest and relaxation, so doing your best to take a breather and stay at ease can be vital to your mind and body’s overall recovery. Whether it’s coloring, watching some TV, or painting your nails, whatever feels relaxing to you is what you should go with! There are some incredibly effective methods out there that can, not only keep you calm, but fill your body back up with the nutrition it needs!


Bathing is a great form of self-care

What’s Lost As mentioned prior, there are ways we can multitask during a hangover by relaxing and replenishing simultaneously. A great way to calm yourself down and treat your body with love is to simply take a bath in some warm, nourishing water, but what you add to your tub can truly fix those depleted nutrition levels. An effective way to get the most out of your bath is to add ingredients such as essential oils, powerful antioxidants, and other hydrating properties. If you are too ecxhausted to create your own magic recipe.

A great and hassle free option can be bathing in our Bashail, a bath elixir that includes a powerful blend of super salts and vitamins that, when bathed in, can be fully absorbed into the skin and body and provide you with the relaxation and nutrition you need. Along with a major loss of fluids, drinking can also lead to the loss of important vitamins your body needs to function properly. Revamping your body with Vitamin C the day after can help ease the severity of your overall sickly symptoms, so bathing in a cocktail with the antioxidant included can make all the difference. Along with Vitamin C, a blend of himalayan, epsom, and dead sea salts will help detoxify the body and aid in ridding of the impurities causing those pesky hangover symptoms. When these components come together with the included hydrating oils, such as jojoba and coconut oil, they can heal, hydrate, and fully replenish the mind and body once absorbed into the skin, helping you achieve total relaxation and recuperation.


Your Skin The final step in your hangover remedy regimen involves the revitalisation of your skin. After a night out drinking, your skin can experience a major amount of inflammation and irritation, due mainly to the negative effects that come with the loss of fluids and vitamins.

The key is to focus on rehydrating, soothing, and revitalizing the skin, making sure to maintain gentle care throughout. While bathing with Bashail, your skin will benefit from the gentle exfoliating properties that can aid in ridding any damage your skin cells experienced due to alcohol consumption.

This will also smoothen your skin and allow further hydrating effects to absorb more easily, decreasing the overall inflammation your face and body are experiencing. While your body soaks up all those hydrating oils and powerful vitamins, your face can join in on the fun with a soothing, natural face mask. Mixing some honey, milk, and oatmeal can result in a comfortable mask that can effectively calm down irritation and inflammation in the skin; the blend of the milk’s lactic acid and the hydrating properties of honey and oatmeal will give back what was lost due to drinking, truly revitalizing you skin.

There’s also no harm in adding a little bit of oatmeal into your bath if you’re skin needs an extra bit of TLC; when combined with Bashail, it should result in quite a treat for you!

There’s no reason to have to suffer after a night of fun, so caring for your mind and body during a hangover comes with no shame at all. Treating yourself to a nice bath and creating an at home spa, while making sure to hydrate with tons of water and get extra rest, can truly aid in decreasing those tough hangover symptoms, bringing your mind and body back to life again.

Never forget that it’s okay to show yourself some much needed TLC every now and then, especially when dealing with a pesky hangover.


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