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This blog post was inspired by my Female Founders session...

We are so proud and honored to be on the Female Founders Accelerator! It is a 4-month program where one's business is totally dissected and analysed.  You come out with a clear and better-structured company. Last week's session focused on 'Self Love'.

I can speak for myself, at times I have totally neglected my personal needs and put my business first. It left me with little confidence and I started to retreat from my social life and the things that actually made me feel really really happy. 

We all go through moments in our life where we put ourselves second, and we almost run away from the things that will make us feel better. Having an emotional burnout happens and the following tips are for you to know how to deal with them and know how to prevent them.

When you think of 'Self Love', what words come up? 

For me: Love, time, nurturing, selfish, boundaries, exercise, interests, isolated, instinctive, confidence, natural vs. obligation, meditation, discipline, presence, sleep, shopping...

Take a few minutes and think about what self love means to you and then go through the following 4 factors and write down what will make you feel better. After writing them, think about how you can include them into your daily routine. 

1. Physical/ environmental environment- What will make you feel at peace. Walking your dog? Sitting in the park? Walking to work? Tidy flat. 

2. Emotional -Solidarity, sleep.

3. Mental- Not answering e-mails after 10pm. 

4. Spiritual- Meditating, taking a bath, yoga.

Start off by creating morning regimen that will work for you and make you feel excited to wake up. Integrate self care into the routine, and remember motivation gets you started, habit makes it happen.

Other tools to incorporate:

Replace your 'To do List' with a 'To be List'. For instance, tomorrow I will be happy, patient, prepared and confident. Rather worried about the list of things that you haven't done.

In life there are those who give you energy and those who drain you. Start an emotional cleanse and get rid of the people who drain you emotionally.

Celebrate failure- every failure is a lesson learned. Did you know that every week google celebrate one failure that has occurred in the company. 

Learn to say 'No'. You can't always say yes! You will feel amazing when you finally feel ok to say 'no' to things that don't add any benefit to your life.

To conclude, everything passes, the good and the bad. A bad day is closer to a good day and a bad is closer to a good day. Its all relative.




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