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Mindful, Stress-Reducing Habits and Hobbies : Find Your Light, Find Your Bliss

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Mindful, Stress-reducing Habits and Hobbies: Find your light, Find your Bliss


We live in a world that is literally saturated with toxic stress. We have to find a way to undo what the world does to us if we want to be blissful, happy human beings. It’s not rocket science.

In fact, we have to be selfish with ourselves ladies. Selfish with sleep, and selfish with self-care and nurturance. You have got to take time for you to rest and rejuvenate body and soul.

Here are some great ways to get in touch with your center, to destress, and eliminate toxic stress from your life and from your body in ways that are fun and really work.

1. Soak in our Bashail

Soak in our Bashail

Have you heard of the new salt caves? Salt is purifying. Salt helps slough off dead skin, helps to alkalize the body in a highly acidic world, and helps to purify the body of deadly toxins. Blending salts and oils in luxurious soaks is a way to purify the body and pamper the moisture layer of your skin at the same time. Light some candles, put on some soft music, and just . . . let go.

2. Try a new art or craft

Find a new craft, it is stress reducing

 Perhaps you want to be able to decorate your apartment in Bo Ho swag. Perhaps you want to make a ceramic collage table to put on your deck. Crafts are a way to get quiet with yourself and really find inner peace. Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, making things—as long as you are creating something positive!

3. Try morning meditation



Many individuals, from Oprah Winfrey to Mark Zuckerberg swear by meditation in the mornings before they tackle their day. It’s a way to center the mind before the onslaught of daily tasks comes flying at you at the speed of light. Individuals who practice TM for example, say they never would have achieved the level of success they attained in life without the help of meditation.

4. Expand your horizons

Don’t ever get locked in a box of “The same old, same old” every day. Trying new things keeps your spirit young and helps you relocate that wide-eyed feeling of amazement and discovery you felt as a child new in the world. Keep life fresh and exciting by learning whole new realms of things you don’t know about. If you’re a science geek, make it a point to learn more about contemporary art, for example. Always be growing and learning.

5. Be a giver, not a taker

There is something deeply joyful and satisfying about doing something for someone else. In fact, research demonstrates that individuals who make it a point to do something positive for other people are twice as less likely to suffer from deadly diseases of all kinds.[i] Be a big brother or sister. Go to a nursing home with a box of chocolates and ask who hasn’t had a visit lately. You’ll be amazed to hear them say “pick any room.” Go and talk to these people.

Be a giver and the world will reward you with bliss. You’ll see.

Doing the right thing brings a whole new sense of peace and calm to life.




[i] Huffington Post. 6 ways being nice to others is actually good for you.



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