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How Going Natural Can Make You Feel Beautiful Inside-and-Out

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 Going all natural in food and personal products is the only way to get “ultimately” beautiful inside and out.  

Feeling Beautiful Inside-and-Out


Your skin, your mood, your energy levels, none of these can be all that they can be if your body is always trying to fight off dangerous, disease causing toxins in beauty products, cleaning products, and food.

The average woman puts approximately 515 synthetic, toxic chemicals[i] on her skin daily. That’s an astounding number. The problem is, our bodies are so busy trying to “un-do” the damage all these chemicals are doing to our skin, cells, and health that there is little left over for crucial bodily processes like:

  • The creation of feel good and sleep-inducing hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin
  • Collagen synthesis and turnover
  • Fighting off free radicals that damage cells and make us vulnerable to disease and cancer
  • Performing ATP conversion into ADP which is the very process that fuels your body with energy

See, ladies, energy is finite. We only have so much energy we can produce daily.

If 99.9% of your energy is going to merely keeping your body alive, how much will be left for you to take that jog, go the extra mile in putting together your banging PowerPoint presentation to wow your boss and get that raise, or throw in an extra Barre class for that beautiful derriere you want?

If you have a bathroom cabinet full of phthalate-loaded, hormone-disrupting chemical-saturated bodywashes, perfumes, and make up that you are putting on your skin daily – and you’re eating food sprayed with pesticides and drinking water loaded with heavy metals like fluoride and arsenic, your skin, your energy, your health, and your mood cannot be all that they can be and you won’t be your best you.

So what do we do to detoxify and get gorgeous?

You have to reduce your toxic load.

Here are 5 ways to reduce your daily toxic intake and get you feeling ultimately beautiful.  

  1. Go 100% natural and organic for all fruits and vegetables you buy
  2. Only eat grass fed, hormone free, non-GMO dairy, meat, and poultry. For help on selecting clean produce, meats, and foods, see Web MD’s “The Natural Diet: Best Foods for Weight Loss.”[ii]
  3. Get reverse osmosis filters and put them on everything—your shower heads, your faucets, everywhere water is coming into your house. Indeed, inhaling toxic steam is more damaging to health that putting toxic water on the skin, experts say. For help with this, see Home Advisor’s “The Importance of Clean Water.”[iii]
  4. Drink filtered water with lemon two to three times a day. Organic lemon juice of course. Lemon helps cleanse the liver, aiding it in detoxifying chemicals from your body
  5. Remove all fragrance-containing and toxic products from your home and go all natural in your soaps, body washes, moisturizers, household cleaning products, laundry detergents, and other personal care products. For help on how to do this, see the Environmental Working Group’s handy guides “Use Greener Cleaners and Avoid Pesticides”[iv] and “Know the Ingredients in Your Personal Care Products.”[v] Make sure your personal care products say 100% natural.
  6. Saunas are one of the most effective ways to sweat those toxins out of your system and to help your skin eliminate toxic stress from the body.
  7. Take a Bashail- this super blend elixir transforms your body inside-out. 

We live in a world that is saturated with toxins. What are you doing to limit your toxic load today?

Limiting toxic load and detoxifying our bodies needs to become a daily habit for all of us, as important as brushing your teeth with all natural toothpaste and filtered water! By doing the this, you will naturally start to feel better, stronger and your body will be glowing. What have you got to lose? Try going natural for two weeks, see if you feel the beautiful difference.



P.S If you haven't tried your Bashail, now is your time. Like you, it is all natural. Treat yourself by bathing in goodness. Buy now!





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