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Do you struggle with Psoriasis? So does our founder!

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Salt Baths can aid skin issues


For those that have psoriasis or eczema, you can understand how frustrating and painful these skin conditions can be. When Marina, our founder discovered she had a skin problem, she could not handle being prescribed steroid creams. They were so harsh and left her skin feeling raw and extremely sensitive. (Equally, where she had her first case of psoriasis, it was on her bikini line which was very unfortunate, especially with it being mid-summer after all).

This personal skin problem was, in fact, one of the reasons why she created Bashail. She read up on various cures and aids on how to soothe skin issues. She came across a study published in the "International Journal of Dermatology", February 2005, that showed that skin roughness, hydration and inflammation were improved in bath solutions that included salt compared to water-only baths. 

Marina loves having a bath and it is still to this day, her daily treat. Mixing her treat, with a treatment for her skin was a no-brainer.

After this, she had regular salt baths, which helped dramatically not only with her skin, but equally, she noticed a difference mentally and physically. She slept better, and her hormonal moods swings became consistent, as well as her body felt more toned and healthy.

After several months of her bathing regime, she started to play with the formula, adding various oils, and powders to boost her bathing treatment. Over years of trial and error, the Bashail was created. Unknowingly, and never thought she would make a commercial product out of it. She gave her personal stash of Bashails to friends or people she felt that would benefit from it. Everyone came back asking for more...And voila, the creation of Bashail!

Bashail- Original

Recently, Bashail was reviewed by Get the Gloss beauty expert Anna Hunter. Anna too suffers from psoriasis, and so it was wonderful to see what she thought of the product. In her own words, 

"If you suffer with dry skin, eczema or psoriasis and don’t have a sensitivity to the essential oil blend, a good soak in these can nix flakiness and discomfort, while the mineral salt blend is the ideal post-training cocktail for sore muscles. I’ll add in troubled sleepers and the generally exhausted, and anyone needing to escape to a warm, quiet space for half an hour, which is most of us at this time of year."

To read more on what she thought of the Bashail, click here.




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