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Baths - A millennia of Self-Care!

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In today’s society, it’s pretty well-known that the ideas and methods revolving around hygiene and self-care are vital towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s also common for many to use bathing as a way to de-stress and relax after those long, chaotic days. Although some may believe that the origin of bathing came from the sole idea of cleansing the skin, history shows that people used bathhouses for much more than just typical bathing. 

The Romans and Greeks were known to have the best, most extravagant bathhouses of their time, though keeping their bodies clean wasn’t the only reason their society enjoyed taking baths. It was extremely common for bathhouses to act as a place for social gatherings, business meetings, and even something as casual as everyday gossip. While these societies did bathe to maintain proper health and hygiene, they also used their time in these lovely warm waters to do what we do often nowadays, pamper ourselves and relax after a hard day or stressful situation.

So, what exactly do we consider to be modern habits of self-care in today’s society, and why is it so important for us to maintain these routines throughout our daily lives?

Self-care is all about the importance of one’s own well-being and maintaining his or her personal health; this includes the encouragement and advocation of personal development, making the idea of self-care vital towards one’s overall mental and physical health. Like the Romans and Greeks in the past, we understand that taking time to practice self-care is, not only enjoyable, but essential towards being the best we can be. This is where the beauty of bathing can be incredibly beneficial for your mind and body, and here’s how!

Hygiene and Hydration

Marylin soaking up the goodness with a Bashail

Taking a bath is a great way to fully cleanse our skin, and the added benefits of immersing yourself in a tub of warm, steamy water can lead to some much needed hydration for your body. Staying hydrated and maintaining a constant habit of drinking enough water is known to improve the body’s overall health, and soaking in it can help greatly with that too. When we relax in warm water, we’re allowing our skin’s pores to open up and sweat within a natural confine; sweating is the body’s natural method of cleansing itself, so immersing your skin in a bath can truly improve those drier, more dehydrated areas while keeping it clean as a whistle. So, adding a nice bath a few times a week can help you multitask during your self-care routine, getting your skin clean, hydrated, and moisturized.

Heart and Blood

Bathing a Bashail, the body MOT

Taking baths can be extremely beneficial for one’s heart health and blood circulation. It’s been discovered that, when we bathe in warm water, our heart begins to beat faster, allowing our blood to move better throughout the vessels within our bodies. These effects are quite similar to getting in a good workout, but no treadmill or weights are needed! Other added benefits of taking baths involve the lowering of our blood pressure, which helps our heart and body function the way it’s supposed too.

Fighting the Flu

Baths are a great home remedy for when you are feeling a little under the weather

When we have a cold or are dealing with any frustrating, uncomfortable sinus issues, giving your body some self-care in the bath can feel like paradise. Because staying immersed in warm water can help your heart beat faster, oxygen intake improves within your body, helping you breathe better; with the added steam of the water, your nasal passages are cleared out a little more, resulting in some relief from a majorly stuffy nose or chest congestion. In fact, submerging in a steamy bath can improve your immune system in general due to the big increase in body temperature. So, if you’re struggling to fight off the nasty flu or an uncomfortable cold, try showing yourself some great care with a warm bath.

Your Mind and Mood

Bath- Great for your mind and mood

Although practicing self-care by taking a bath is great for your physical health, it can also provide your mind with some fantastic benefits, allowing your overall mood to improve over time. The inflammation-reducing properties that come with taking a bath can aid in reducing one’s stress and anxiety, resulting in a calmer, more relaxed mindset and mood. With that, the actual position we lie in when bathing makes a significant difference in our optimism levels, giving our minds a little perk-up when we’re down.

Bathing in the tub can also affect our sleep, as it induces a drop in body temperature that results in more melatonin production within our brains; this naturally makes us more sleepy and triggers us to feel a lot more relaxed and ready for bed, making it easier for those who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. A big part of self-care, maintaining a good sleeping habit is vital towards our lives, and improving our sleep can boost our moods, energy, and health. This is why taking a bath can really help out before bed and allow your body and mind to get the rest and comfort it needs. 

The healing properties of relaxing in a warm bath have been utilized since centuries ago, as it provides our bodies and minds with optimal benefits towards our overall physical health and mental state. Whether you’re looking to calm down your stressful thinking patterns or hydrate every area of skin, taking a bath can be a majorly important part of self-care. So, start filling up the tub, relaxing, and letting yourself feel physically and mentally at peace.


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