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NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! 5 Steps to Learning to Love YOU More

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Smiling through 2018!

Loving yourself means treasuring yourself, pampering yourself, and reminding yourself of just how wonderful this unique and magnificent creation that is you actually is.

And it’s never too late to start, especially with it being the 1st of January. Its is a perfect opportunity to start this year with LOVE and positivity.

You might have buried your light for awhile, but it is impossible to destroy that light.

We all get distracted by the things of this world like relationships, technology, and work. All you have to do to tap back into your deep goddess wisdom and develop healthy self love is to get back in touch with that higher mind inside that knows, way down, what is really important in life.

Do you have to be perfect to love yourself?

Well, first, who wants to be perfect?

If you struggle with this aspect of loving yourself, think about some of the friends you have that you really love like sisters. Are they perfect? Don’t you love them for every single thing that is unique about them and not some ideal of perfection?

Then say to yourself, can I love myself this way?

And you can.

Here are some tips to help you get back in touch with your higher self and experience a higher love for self as well.

1.  Get up and greet the day with joy, love, and gratitude

You’ve heard “turn that attitude into gratitude?” Well, life is certainly a gift to be grateful for. Greet the day with positivity, warmth, and light. Try thinking of one thing you’re really grateful for every morning. It’s a great way to center you, calm you, and fill you with positivity that will radiate throughout your day.

2.  Try this mirror technique

Instead of focusing on your surface appearance only, try looking in that mirror more deeply. Into your soul. Say to that soul “You are an amazing and beautiful person.” “You are a giving person.” “You are full of love and light.” Do this every day and you’ll literally feel yourself changing for the better and your life getting more blissful by the moment.

3.  Set healthy boundaries

Loving yourself means doing what is healthy for you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and that means saying no to all those things that impinge upon what is good for you. You know who and what they are. Listen to that inner voice. It’s trying to tell you important things about setting healthy boundaries with your boss, friends, and significant others. You have to have time for reflection and soul work too.

4. Get rid of false friends

Loving yourself means protecting yourself. Get rid of all those “frenemies” that want to see you fail and won’t be there for you when you fall. You know who really loves you and who your real friends are. Surround yourself with people who are positive and who really celebrate what’s great about you -- authentic friends who empathize with you and have your best interests in mind.

5. Make self-care a top priority

You love yourself by cherishing yourself and what is healthy for you. This means eating healthy, organic foods, the occasional massage, taking care of that beautiful skin, and indulging in long, thoughtful soaks in luxurious, heaven-scented and nutritious baths. The Bashail is the perfect product to use as a treat for yourself when are in need of some R&R.

If you treat yourself like the inner goddess that you truly are, you’ll come to really believe that you are one.

Happy New Year!



Our founder, Marina, always pioneering LOVE


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